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Serving Northeast Georgia
State of Georgia Licensed Real Estate Inspector
Megan Riley Wilson
Phone 706-768-2932
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Megan Riley Wilson

Bridge Home Inspection, LLC serves all of Northeast Georgia. Please see a complete list of counties covered below.

Meet your Certified Professional Inspector: Megan Wilson owns and operates Bridge Home Inspection, LLC; clients always know they receive the highest level of service by an actual CPI, rather than a "hired hand." After painting houses as means to pay for her college education over 15 years ago, Megan became fascinated with the building industry. She began a career in Real Estate Appraisals and participated in over 1,000 home inspections with TWG Appraisals. Meeting home inspectors along the way, an interest in learning more about the structural integrity of the home arose. In her own words, "In the Appraisal Industry, we observe and report the market value of home. With Home Inspection, we observe and report the structural integrity of the home, which is never compromised by the market. I love that aspect because each home has a story to tell and I get to unfold the mystery."

Counties Covered Include...

  • Banks
  • Clarke
  • Franklin
  • Habersham
  • Hall
  • Hart
  • Jackson
  • Madison
  • Rabun
  • Stephens
  • White

WARNING:The state of Georgia does not regulate Home Inspectors or the HI industry. This means that inspectors in Georgia can market their services with zero training and qualifications, no Code of Ethics, or Standards of Practice. Proceed with caution and care when selecting an inspector and ensure they have guidelines, standards, and training.

Is Your Inspector Really Qualified?
InterNACHI turns down more than half of the inspectors who want to join because they canít pass the exam or fulfill our membership requirements.

Our inspectors have to meet all of our membership requirements and pass our exam before being accepted into InterNACHI. We donít offer associate or candidate memberships (junior memberships for inspectors who have not met the requirements).

InterNACHI inspectors:

  • Have to pass NACHIís Online Inspector Examination every year.
  • Have to complete NACHIís online Ethics Obstacle Course.
  • Have to take NACHIís online Standards of Practice Examination.
  • Have to adhere to NACHIís Standards of Practice.
  • Have to abide by NACHIís Code of Ethics.
  • Have to continue learning (24 hours/year) as per NACHIís Continuing Education Policy.
  • Have to submit 4 mock inspections to NACHIís Report Review Committee before performing their first home inspection for a client.
  • Have to successfully complete NACHIís comprehensive online Standards of Practice course.
  • Have to complete NACHIís comprehensive online Roofing course.
  • Have to re-take and pass NACHIís Online Inspector Examination, every year.
  • Have to attend at least one chapter meeting or educational seminar every two years.
  • Have Inspectorís Quarterly delivered to their doorstep.
  • Have access to NACHIís free library for improving their inspection skills.
  • Have access to NACHIís message board for exchanging information and tips.
  • Have access to NACHIís specific-topic advisory boards.
  • Have access to a time-tested Agreement which keeps them (and you) away from lawsuits.
  • Have access to NACHIís Report Review/Mentoring service
  • Have access to NACHIís free online inspection courses.
  • Have a consumer hot-line for their clients.
  • Have access to an Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Service.

Next time you are looking for an inspector, make sure you are seeking an InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector.


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